• photo scanning Scanning is available on our Fuji Lanovia Flatbed Scanner, a high end quality trade scanner with a high resolution and high D-Max.
  • We can scan from just about any original format, from the traditional photo print and colour transparencies to the more obscure i.e. 3D objects eg. phones, bottles and books.
  • Our scanning requires no bending of originals i.e. paintings, framed photos or old paper originals, and so handling of delicate originals is kept to a minimum.
  • We can also offer retouching or restoration of scanned images to whatever level required.
  • Scans can be supplied on CD, Thumbdrives, or emailed where requested

    We can also reproduce your images on a variety of materials eg:
             • CANVAS         • FINEART PAPER 

    photo restoration

    Photo Restoration – BEFORE & AFTER


Osborne Graphics Pricing & Sizing Guide

Prices are inclusive of GST.

Size Each
Min $16.50
A4 $22.00
A3 $33.00
A2 $44.00
A1 $88.00
Other POA